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Encompassing nearly 400 square miles, the deciduous forest known as Southwood was once part of the primeval High Forest in ages past. Thinned by industry and settlement, the forest eventually gave way around the banks of the Shining River and as a result, Southwood became its own separate ecology. Once nearly double its current size, its southern expanse was violently destroyed during the cataclysm of the elven Crown Wars and little remains now of the ancient forest except isolated hillocks of trees in the endless swamp of the High Moor.

Flora and Fauna
While Southwood supports a variety of trees and small pockets of unique vegetation can be found, the forest is largely composed of red oaks, moonshatter pines, simarron ash and dwarf willow. The abundance of plant resources and numerous springs and rivers has created a large, highly stable animal population that includes top predators (wolves, bear and lynx) and their prey (elk, deer and boar).

Outside of loggers, explorers and bandits, the forest also plays home to clans of monstrous humanoid (gnolls, kobolds and orcs), reclusive fae and small pockets of trolls and giants.

Places of Note
Temple of Gwaeron Windstrom: Discovered early on in the exploration of the Southwood, is located on a small plateau on the northwestern region of the forest. This temple includes a large reflecting pool and a natural cavern carved in the likeness of a roaring bear.

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