Shrike River
The Shrike is named for the numerous flocks of birds that nest along its length. Averaging 300 feet wide and sometimes reaching depths of 60 feet or more, the Shrike would make a good trade route between Llorkh and Orlbar, were it not for periodic waterfalls that make safe river travel between the two points impossible.

Thorn River
The banks of the Thorn River are thick with stinging nettles and tangles of sharp brambles. The river itself is relatively narrow, averaging 60 feet in width and 30 feet in depth.

Mistcloak River
Bubbling geothermal hot springs along the river give its name as points along the river are remain free of ice year round and are shrouded in an ever present bank of warm fog. The river averages 100 feet wide and 30 feet deep..

Olaurin’s Run (Unexplored)
Olaurin’s run is said to be crystal clear, slow moving and very deep by the trappers that venture that far south.

Murque River (Unexplored)
This slow-moving river is said to bordered by swampy land that effectively double the river’s width. While wide, its slow moving waters are said to be shallow and thick with algae.

Nagarun River (Unexplored)
Originating in east amongst the southern range of the Gray Peaks, this river is said to be relatively narrow in width and easily fordable.

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