Plains of Dolblunde

Nearly equal in size to the forest of Southwood, the Plains of Dolblunde stretch over 500 square miles and are flanked by the High Forest in the north, the Gray Peaks in the east and High Moor in the south. A broad expanse of prairie, steppe and grassland, that soil of the plain is regenerated each spring as the Shrike and Nagarun Rivers overflow their banks and deposit a rich layer silt in their wake. The region owes its name to an ancient gnomish realm, called the Kingdom of Dolblunde that occupied the plains and lower slopes of the Gray Peak mountains.

Flora and Fauna
The Plains of Dolblunde sport little in the way of trees, but occasional islands of Felsul can be found amongst the sea of ogre silk, wild rye, switch grass and blood wheat. The extensive food supply sustains large herds of antelope and deer year round, while drawing elk and mountain goats to graze during the lush months of spring. While their natural predators (plains wolves and wild dogs) are also in equal supply, the sheer abundance of the herds also draws the appetites of wyverns, dragons and giants from the nearby Gray Peaks.

The Plains of Doblunde are largely uninhabited, except for the occasional hermit or transient band of mites.

Places of Note
Sul Adara (Capital of Stormgaard): The capital of the fledgling Stomgaard is being raised on the northern edge of the Deepwash.

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Plains of Dolblunde

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