Noble Houses and Manors

Basic Information: The three established noble houses of Loudwater are fairly small in size, equating to approximately 7% of the cities population. While rivalry exists between the houses, each has a distinct sphere of interest that sees little competition from the others, except when it comes to competing for seats on the High Council. Currently Hareth Helbrester holds a seat, but House Gauntyl and House Wands are both hoping to capture a seat in next spring’s election.

House Helbrester
As the oldest noble family in Loudwater, members of House Helbrester enjoy minor celebrity status amongst the citizenry. The family traces its origins back to the fall of the ancient realm of Netheril (where the Great Desert now stands) and is believed to have migrated over the Grey Peaks to resettle along the banks of the Shining Flow in the aftermath of the kingdoms collapse.

The house is led by Hareth Helbrester, a battle hardened soul whose youth included a stint serving in the Flaming Fist mercenary company and several forays into the Ruins of Dekanter. His time as an adventurer however is now behind him and he holds one of the nine seats on the High Council.

House Helbrester’s wealth comes largely from trade with trappers and hunters, as well as timber logged from the northern fringes of Southwood. The house is also rumored to have deep coffers related to Hareth’s adventuring days and is known to host “odd” visitors from foreign lands.

Authority Figure: Hareth Helbrester

  • House Size: 50
  • Important Characters: Ellarian Helbrester (wife of Hareth, retired adventurer, cleric of Torm), Tyran Helbrester (brother of Hareth and skilled huntsman, maintains a network of hunters and trappers through the region), Peldan Helbrester (oldest son of Hareth, a captain in the Loudwater militia and accomplished warrior) and Hassan Helbrester, adventurer with Company of the Four Winds and General of the Kingdom of Stormgaard.
  • Resources: Furs, timber and information network.
  • House Crest: A white field with three green falling stars

House Gauntyl
While not as old as House Helbrester, House Gauntyl is perceived to be the richest noble house in Loudwater and maintains a stone walled villa called Barricus. The house is led by Phalantar Gauntyl, a shrewd bargainer, businessman and master silversmith. The house has a long standing trade alliance with the regions dwarf clans and acts as distributor of their wears in several cities across the Western Heartlands. House Gauntyl also has claims to a largely depleted silver mine (Grimwarrow) to the east and is considering partnering with the stout folk to investigate additional mining opportunities in the Grey Peaks.

Authority Figure: Phalantar Gauntyl

  • House Size: 33
  • Important Characters: Hargavel Blackhammer (personal advisor from the shield dwarf clans of the city), Beluria Gauntyl (daughter of Phalantar, this fiery haired warrior is a member of the Blinkstone Blades adventuring company) and Ghordrim Gauntyl (next in line for House Gauntyl, he lacks his fathers head for business and is thought of as spoiled by the general population).
  • Resources: Skilled metal smiths, dwarven trade alliance and the Grimwarrow mine.
  • House Crest: A black field with a silver gauntlet surrounded by nine white rings.

House Wands
House Wands is relatively new noble house in Loudwater, established less then a century ago when a splinter of the main house in the coastal metropolis of Waterdeep converted their summer villa into a fulltime residence. This faction of House Wands is led by Olanhar Wands, a tall, regal Tethyrian woman with long raven tresses and no small skill in the arcane arts. She is married to Challat Artoban and along with her two siblings (Donaree and Aluvan Wands) and a handful of cousins, has grown the local house to approximately twenty family members. The house maintains its close ties with their kin in Waterdeep, with members from both areas traveling back and forth for education, ceremonies, parties and seasonal hunting.

House Wands continues it tradition of conservative, cautious magecraft in Loudwater and is known to sponsor adventuring bands for exploration missions, recover lost relics and to procure rare magical ingredients. The House also serves as a trading house for magical items unearthed in the surrounding region and the family is known to offer fair, competitive pricing.

Authority Figure: Olanhar Wands

  • House Size: 22
  • Important Characters: Challat Artoban, Donaree Wands(female abjurer), Aluvan Wands (male wizard) and Maskar Wands (Patriarch of House Wands in Waterdeep and father of Olanhar, Donaree and Aluvan).
  • Resources: Sales of magical merchandise (scrolls, potions, spells, etc.), sage (primarily arcane spellcraft and Western Heartlands history), research, mage apprenticeship and antiques.
  • House Crest: A blue field with a gray hawk clutching a two headed black scepter between its talons.

Noble Houses and Manors

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