This town of 4,000 inhabitants spans the River Delimbiyr, with an arching bridge made millennia ago by the dwarf Irikos Stoneshoulder for the elves who lived here at the time. The river was cut into a wide pool to provide a landing area for cargo and to carry the river’s flow around the rocks that caused the rapids for which the town is named. The pool is crowded with flat-bottomed skiffs and barges for fishing and trade. It’s a human town today, although a quarter of the town’s inhabitants are half-elven descendants of Earlann. Loudwater citizens now make their living farming, fishing and providing caravan services. Loudwater’s lands extend for two days’ ride along the river.

Loudwater’s a beautiful place. No two buildings are alike, but all are overgrown by vines and hung with plants until they blend back into the forest. The village is a gardener’s delight. Beautiful tended plants are everywhere –in houses, on roofs, every patch of ground, and the roadways. The streets are planted in tanglemoss. Streets wind and curve, meandering to take the best view of an interesting way, matching the town’s pace. The town has only recently erected walls, having relied on earthen ramparts and ditches for generations past. Even gray stone walls however have been crafted with an eye to the natural world, with lots of basins overflowing with planted flowers and vine. The closest thing to ugliness in Loudwater is its four harbor side warehouses and cooperworks.

Loudwater is defended by patrols of 20 warriors, the guard numbering 300 under the two Gauntlets: Kalahar Twohands (half-elf ranger) and Peldan Helbrester (human cavalier). Both are under the command of the High Blade Regent, Rauvost Silverspear.

Rauvost, a gold elf noble, is a widely respected warrior with extensive experience battling the orc tribes that once infested the lower reaches of the High Forest. His silver hair and piercing green eyes mark him as much as does the longsword riding on his back in its baldric. Rauvost is a close friend of the former regent (Nanathlor Greysword) and has made his focus growing alliances in the region has the Zhentarim threat grows in the east.

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