DM Requests

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“Eddie iPhone was too focused on his most recent text to see the orc’s blade slash out of the shadows…”

Distractions at the table

Preparing a fun session (even using a bi-weekly schedule) is an intense, time consuming effort. Much like giving a presentation to your coworkers or going through the checkout line of the grocery store, the expectation is that you will give the leader (in this case the DM) your full attention. Checking text messages, surfing the web or other activities can lead to you missing key pieces of information and gives the impression you’re not invested in the game or not having a good time. If you need to keep your cell phone on for emergency purposes, please set it to “stun” to cut down on the distraction to other players and the DM.

Disagreeing with the DM

I don’t pretend to be infallible or a walking rules library. In cases where you disagree with me about a particular ruling and it is not a life or death scenario, I ask that you respectfully refrain from debate at the table and speak to me about the matter during the next break or after the close of the evening’s game. Regardless of my ruling on the catalyst event, I always post my final decision/and or correction on the forums so people have a point of reference for future incidents and understand the reasoning (Pathfinder source material) behind it.

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DM Requests

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