Company of the Four Winds

The Company of the Four Winds was established in the month of Eleasis, in the year DR1375, beneath the gray stone towers of Loudwater. While its members originally found unity around the exploration charter bequeathed to them by the city, their bonds of friendship and trust grew as they faced numerous trials exploring the depths of Southwood and the Plains of Dolblunde. Eventually, the companion’s notoriety grew strong enough that the guards of Loudwater called upon them to officially register their band and thus, The Company of the Four Winds was born.

While several of its members now hold positions of leadership in the fledging Kingdom of Stormgaard, the group still travels under the mantle of their old adventuring company. Like any adventuring band, the membership roster of The Company of Four Winds has changed over time as individuals have retired or moved on in pursuits of other goals. Below is a summary of current and past members.

Active Roster
Hassan Helbrester: A noble-born fighter of strength and charisma, he is known to swing his bastard sword with deadly effect. The privilege and responsibility of his birth have been both a boon and burden during his adventuring career.
Serrka Aeravaul: A wild elf druid raised in the libraries of Leuthhilspar, she is deeply devoted to the goddess Aerdrie Faenya. Her confidence and magical aptitude grow with each passing day.
Khael “The Wanderer”: A human rogue with a mysterious past, Khael excels at combat with his chosen weapon – the elven curved blade. Like Serrka, his role in the company has evolved and he now finds himself playing peacemaker, diplomat and leader with more frequency.
Anson Longleaf: The newest and smallest member of the Company of the Four Winds, the halfling cleric of Brandobaris often serves as a tactical advisor to the group between healing his comrades and launching boulders at his enemies.

Retired Roster
Oewyn: A dwarf ranger/rogue skilled with axe and bow. As an original charter member, Oewyn assisted in mapping most of Southwood. He eventually retired to aid the local dwarf clans in excavation of a gold mine discovered on the Plains of Dolblunde.
Naraam: Also an original charter member, Naraam is a human priest and scholar of the deity Amaunator. While exploring watery ruins on the edge of the Shrike River, a vengeful spirit rose from the depths and afflicted a wasting curse on the cleric. Unable to break the spell and growing weaker with each passing day, he eventually returned west to seek aid amongst the clergy of Loudwater. Through a series of steps his companions eventually broke the curse, but Naraam’s appetite for adventure had become sated.
Amariel Novoriel: An elven alchemist in service to House Wands in Loudwater, she adventured for a time with the Company of the Four Winds before retiring to run her mercantile shop full time.

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Company of the Four Winds

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