Serrka Aeravaul, High Councilor of Stormgaard

Female wild elf druid of Aerdrie Faeyna.


Serrka Aeravaul (Sirka Airuhval)

Race: Wild Elf

Class: Druid

Level: 7th

Alingment: Neutral Good

Patron Diety: Aerdrie Faenya

Hit Points: 50

Armor Class: 16 (touch 14, flat-footed 12)


Str: 11 (+ 0)

Dex: 18 (+ 4)

Con: 12 (+ 1)

Int: 13 (+ 2)

Wis: 18 (+ 4)

Cha: 15 (+ 2)


Fortitude: +5 (Base +3, Con +1)

Reflex: +5 (Base +1, Ref +4)

Will: +8 (Base +4, Wis +4)


Club + 3, 1d6 (Crit 20/x2 – Range 10’ – 1 Handed, Bludgeon)

Dark Wood Longbow + 8, 1d8 (Crit 20/x3 – Range 100’ – 2 Handed, Piercing)

Lightning Arc 6/day + 7, 1d6+3 (Crit 20/x2 – Range 30 – Electrical)


Druid Spell DC: 14 + spell level


Spells Per Day 4×0, 4×4 +1, 3×3 +1, 2×2 +1

Commonly Memorized Spells

Druid 0: Detect Magic, Flare (DC 13), Guidance, Resistance

Druid 1: Summon Nature’s Ally I, Charm Animal (DC 15), Produce Flame, Obscuring Mist

Druid 2: Bull’s Strength (DC 16), Flaming Sphere (DC 16), Wind Wall (DC 16)

Druid 3: Call Lightining (DC 17), Dominate Animal (DC 17)

FEATS: Spell Focus (Conjuration), Augment Summoning, Natural Spell

SKILLS: Climb +4, Fly +8, Handle Animal +6, Heal +8, Knowledge (Nature) +10, Knowledge (Religion) +2, Knowledge (Planes) +2, Perception +12, Sense Motive +5, Spellcraft +9, Stealth +5, Survival +10, Swim +10 and Use Magic Device +3.

MAGIC ITEMS: Ring of Swimming, Restorative Ointment (CL3) – 2 Charges


Nickname: Sparrow

Childhood: Serrka knows little of her early childhood. She was found by a passing caravan traveling through the Dawn Pass trail. She was wandering in the nearby woods, bruised and muddy but otherwise unharmed. The caravan master, Abilin, a hardened but merciful half elf, turned his train around and delivered the young child to House of Sunset. The priests there took the young elf in, and raised her with the small handful of other elven and half-eleven wards of the template.

Sentimental Objects: Serrka’s only heirlooms were a small metal bracelet, covered with carvings of trees, birds, and animals, and a stone carved with a runic symbol that faintly resembles a roaring bear. Both glow with a faint hint of magic, but beyond knowing they relate to nature in some fashion, their exact purpose remains unknown. Serrka cares not for their power, but clings to them for whatever tenuous link they may represent to the parents she cannot remember.

Personality: While her basic nature is caring and warm, it’s wrapped up in a personality that is much like the weather. Calm one moment, then wild and chaotic the next. She has never learned much control over her emotions, preferring to let them flow through her as they will. Loud and boisterous at times, she tends to be a creature of the moment who can be easily distracted if asked to focus on tedious and repetitious tasks. The upside is that she has developed a keen sense of self and emotion, both hers and those around her.

Family: Serrka’s family has consisted mainly of the priest hood of the House of Sunset, and the other wards within the temple. Almost all the priests care for her deeply, finding her mercurial personality refreshing and joyful (if vexing at times, especially during lessons). The high priest of Labelas, Speaker Sumbral, has always taken a interest in her, seeming to give her extra attention compared to the other wards. Among the other wards, Her best friend was a half elf boy named Verril, a shy, serious boy who enjoyed following behind Serrka as she lead them on “adventures”.

Social Standing: Having no knowledge of her origins, Serrka’s doesn’t know the answer to this question. In many respects, she doesn’t even think about where she came from, though she does on rare occasions turn reflective on what her actual parents were like.

Patron Diety: After a particular trying attempt to get Serrka to focus on her mathematics lesson, one priest exclaimed, " Your attention flits about like a cloud, blown here and there by whatever wind happens to pass by!! It’s like you were carved from the sky by Aerdrie Faeyna herself!"

For some reason, the name struck a resonance with Serrka, and, in a break from the norm, she began feverishly researching and studying the goddess. Serrka devoured all the information she could find on the goddess of the winds. The more she learned, the more kinship she felt with the goddess, who reflected back the unchained, adventurous spirit within Serrka. And though well treated for the most part, there was a growing part of Serrka that wanted to fly free of the confines of the temple. To soar above the grounded logic and reasoning so loved by the priests; to dance free of rules and confinement.

The most profound moment for Serrka was discovering an ancient text that described the morning rituals and rites for worship of Aerdrie Faeyna. In a bold move, she gathering materials and snuck out of the temple and into the woods just outside Loudwater. She spent several days there camped out in a clearing open to the sky, following the rights as best she could, seeking the goddess with her heart. On the third day, as Serrka lay on the cool dew-dusted ground and watched the early morning sun crest into the sky, a small sparrow landed on her chest. Stilling her breath, she and the bird locked gazes and shared a moment…that stretched and stretched…and in her mind she felt a cool breeze, a light touch, and a voice. “Child of my heart, I welcome thee..come, and fly with me….”

A day later, Serrka returned to the temple , looking windswept yet muted. Greeted by a gaggle of relieved but indignant priests and priestesses, she was subjected to good intentioned scolding until Speaker Sumbral waved them to silence and, after looking deep into her eyes, proclaimed in a soft voice “It seems our little sparrow has flown far in the embrace of one greater than we. After so long, Aerdrie Faeyna has decided to touch our world again. My blessing upon you my child”.

From that day forth, Serrka knew she was called by Aerdrie Faeyna for some purpose yet unknown.

Skills and Training: Many of her skills come from the training by the priesthood. Serrka learned some basic woodcraft from several of the priests who were dedicated to woodland deities. Other skills seem to be burgeoning within her from a source beyond herself…

Enemies: While loved by most of the priesthood, there are one or two that never warmed to Serrka. Eylism, a particularly devout priest of Labelas, seemed particularly annoyed by her. Additionally, she was intensely disliked by another of the orphans, a elven girl named Therinale, who was jealous and resentful of the extra attention that Serrka seemed to receive from the priesthood. When Serrka came back god-touched, this resentment took on an even darker note. One could almost say that it slunk slowly into the shadows of hatred…

Allies: The priesthood. The caravan master Abilin, having developed a fondness for the girl, also stops in to see her whenever he is in the city. In many ways, he is her favorite “uncle”, delighting her with tales of faraway cities, treats, and the occasional gift.

Goals: As befits her free spirited nature, Serrka’s goals are few. See the world, experience life, experience adventure. However, there is a part of her that wants to seek out more signs of Aerdrie Faeyna’s touch on the world, and perhaps even bring that touch to more of Faerun..

Serrka Aeravaul, High Councilor of Stormgaard

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