Mysterious druid and representative of the Gray Circle.


Appearing in Oleggarn the day after Hassan’s fateful transition, the autumn haired druid who identified herself as a member of the Gray Circle, is a strikingly beautiful half-elf and carries herself with an air of authority and power. The normally slow to warm village folk of Oleggarn seem to have quickly taken to the regal outsider. What little interaction was observed between Donaree and Ellarian seemed to be that of cautious, yet courteous mountain lions measuring each other’s strengths. While Persephone planned to take Serrka with her back to the Aerie to begin her training, the young druid begged to delay her departure to aid the fallen Hassan. Serrka was able to convince Persephone to work with Donaree to perform a spell to temporarily halt the transformation and give Hassan time to permanently break the curse. While the druid participated in the incantation, she made no effort to conceal her primary goal was to expedite the departure process from the “hovel” of Oleggarn and get back to the Aerie. She is currently relaxing at Oleg’s Rest while Svetlana waits on her hand and foot as she examines the silver wrought bird cage discovered by Serrka in Southwood.



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