A scholar and devout cleric of Aumantor.


Naraam is dedicated to the sun god Amaunator. While formal veneration of the deity faded with the collapse of Netheril, Naraam feels a deep connection to the god and had a divine vision lead him to Loudwater. He subsequently joined the Company of the Four Windsand explored Southwood and the Plains of Dolblunde with them until he fell victim to wasting curse that left him unable to sleep and was gradually killing him. While Naraam traveled back to Loudwater to receive aid at the church of Torm, his comrades sought slew the originator of the curse and freed their friend from his ever darkening fate.

Free from the curse, but with a new respect for the dangers of adventuring, Naram elected to stay behind in Loudwater and focus on his studies instead of the slaying dragons.



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