Mimek (Kobold)

Mimek is an exiled kobold warrior that was rescued from the mite caverns by the adventures.


Mimek was the sole survival of a war party sent against the mites inhabiting caverns beneath an ancient oak that stands on the grass plains east of Southwood. His war party had attacked the mites in retaliation after the evil fey stole their sacred idol. Mimek was rescued by the adventures and traveled with them for a time as they explored the reaches of the forest. Eventually Mimek’s duty to his kin outweighed his curiosity to explore and he attempted to steal the idol from the adventures and return to his kobold warren. The adventures agreed to aid him in the effort, but a series of unfortunate events that unfolded in the final confrontation left Mimek exiled from his people and kobold clan decimated. Mimek was forced to flee the confrontation as has not been seen since.


Mimek (Kobold)

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