Lord Khael, Baron of Stormgaard

Quiet and thoughtful, Khael is a traveller who has made a reputation for helping others.

  • Race: Human
  • Class: Rogue
  • Level: 5th
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Patron Deity: Illmater
  • Appearance: Khael has let his hair grow out and it is now a considerable length, though is is willing to cut it if necessary. His eyes are a deep blue. He has a long bladed weapon with a beautifully carved handle strapped to the backside of his belt titled at a slight angle with the handle up the highest. There is a dagger with a slightly curved blade that is strapped to the outside of his right thigh that is carved impeccably with Dwarven runes. A rather mundane looking short bow compared to his other gear is slung around his back and a recently acquired silver dagger he has placed in a sheath that is attached to his leather chest piece with the handle pointing toward the ground. Along his belt he has daggers placed for quick access to throwing. He tends to wear a nice smile when dealing with other people, but otherwise appears to be lost in thought or thinking about something. He is attractive and seems to have a way with words as well. He wears a crimson scarf around his neck that appears to be very sentimental to him.
    • Height: 5’11’’
    • Weight: 179
    • Hair color: Brown
    • Eye color: Blue
    • Languages Known: Common, Elvish, Abyssal, Draconic, Dwarven, Gnollish, Sylvan, Undercommon
  • Hit Points: 30 (rolled a f***ing 2 at 5th level…)
  • Armor Class: 21 (+5 Armor, +4 Dex, +1 Natural Armor +1 dodge); 22 w/ Combat Expertise, 25 w/ Comb. Exp. & Fighting Defensively (-5 to hit)
    • Flat-footed: 16
    • Touch: 15
    • Str: 12 (+1)
    • Dex: 20 (+5)
    • Con: 11 (+0)
    • Int: 15 (+2)
    • Wis: 13 (+1)
    • Cha: 16 (+3)
    • Fortitude: +1 (Base +1, CON +0)
    • Reflex: +9 (Base +4, DEX +5)
    • Will: +2 (Base +1, WIS +1)
Weapon Attack Bonus Damage Critical Range Misc Information
Elven Curved Blade +1 +10 1d10+2 18-20/x2 Melee two-handed; slashing; finesse
Masterwork Dagger +9 1d4+1 19-20/x2 Melee/10ft one-handed; off-hand; slash or pierce; finesse
Short Bow +8 1d6 x3 60ft two-handed; piercing
Silver Dagger +8 1d4+1 19-20/x2 10ft one-handed; off-hand; slash or pierce; finesse; has the “silver” property to overcome DR
  • FEATS:
    • Light Armor
    • Simple Weapons
    • Combat Expertise (Trade attack bonus for AC boost, -1/+1)
    • Improved Feint (Req: Combat Expertise) (Feint as a move action)
    • Exotic Weapon Proficiency: Elven Blade, Curved
    • Dodge: +1 Dodge AC Bonus
    • Finesse Rogue: Weapon Finesse
    • Fast Stealth
    • Sneak Attack (3d6)
    • Evasion (Reflex save negates damage)
    • Trap Finding (+1 to perception to locate trap, +1 to disable device)
    • Trap Sense (+1 to reflex vs traps, +1 dodge bonus to AC vs traps)
    • Scout’s Charge (Charging allows for sneak attack damage)
  • SKILLS: Note: Armor penalty comes first followed by regular value in ().
    • Acrobatics +17 (18) (Boots of Elvenkind)
    • Bluff +11
    • Climb +4 (5)
    • Craft: Weapons +8
    • Diplomacy +11
    • Disable Device +14 (15) (w/ tools: +16 (17); vs traps: +17 (18) )
    • Escape Artist +9 (10)
    • Intimidate +7
    • Knowledge: Dungeoneering +7
    • Knowledge: Local +7
    • Linguistics +10
    • Perception +9; +10 vs traps
    • Ride +4 (5)
    • Sense Motive +9
    • Sleight of Hand +12 (13)
    • Stealth +12 (13)
    • Swim +4 (5)
    • Use Magic Device +11
  • Stuff of Note-Worthiness
  • Weapons
    • +1 Elven Curve Blade
  • Armor
    • Magic Scarf (Given before adventuring began)
    • +1 Chainshirt
  • Misc.
    • Boots of Elven Kind (+5 Acrobatics)

Khael does not talk about his past. If pressed, he merely reasserts that the past is the past and we must all look to the future. The only person he has ever mentioned, and with fondness, is Brenr, a Dwarven ranger that took care of him when he was younger.

(At the GMs discretion, a knowledge local check regarding the city he had lived in can provide information about his past. Without being in his hometown, however, the DC would be much higher to find relevant information. In addition, not knowing his hometown would increase this DC further.)

His recent past he is willing to discuss. Khael has been given the nickname “The Wanderer” by locals who have met him or been helped by him. He doesn’t stay in one place too long though, as he desires to see more of the world and find his place in it. He has gained experience as an adventurer providing his assistance where many have been in dire need for it as well as from his past. When asked about his more recent adventures, he smiles and mentions about the time he helped a small village near the High Forest with monsters attacking, or the time he convinced some bandits he was an Aboleth projecting the image they see before them and scared them off.

Recently he had heard of trouble from Loudwater and headed that way. It seems people of note had heard of him too as he was found by Lady Helbrester and given a task. He agreed to assist.

Khael enjoys reading. He usually has a book with him that he will read before he sleeps. He is especially fascinated with the Underdark and the denizens within. He has learned a great deal about all things under the surface from inhabitants to recognizing stone and depth, and even how to spot potential hazards like possible cave-ins. He has learned how to write well and has a good eye for deciphering documents. He has used this to forge letters allowing him into bandit camps so he could break them down from the inside as well as intercept encrypted letters.

Khael travels with a large warhorse named Zephyr. He received Zephyr after helping a local patrol rescue some captives and a massive cache of supplies, weapons, and armor from some well trained bandits. They gave him one of their best horses as way of thanks.

Khael doesn’t appear to be too concerned with the deities of the realm, but he can be heard sending short prayers to a Dwarven goddess as well as Illmater in the mornings. He doesn’t talk about why he has chosen to give these deities his prayers.

For a long time Khael had carried around blanket that was wrapped around an item. He had been taught how to forge weapons, and, as a parting gift to him from his Dwarven friend, he had learned how to forge a fine elven weapon. For the last year, he has spent his time forging this blade when he was given the chance. Now, after a few nights of working on the handle, he has put his signature on the weapon and it’s ready for combat.

During his journeys, Khael has been put into a place of power by the governing houses of Loudwater along with his other companions. He has since taken it upon himself to find literature related to the cause of ruling and creating a city of tolerance and peace. Khael finally feels that he has found something worthy to invest himself into fully and pours his being into the endeavor.

A raven haired woman named Mercury came into Oleg’s Tavern during the bard incident and ended up spending the night with Khael. While reluctant at first, Khael opened up and asked her to stay. Khael believes that perhaps it’s time he warms up more.

Lord Khael, Baron of Stormgaard

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