Jeva Helbrester

Eleven year old Jeva is the sole survivor of the great fire that destroyed Moonfall Orphanage.


Jeva is a human girl rescued from the wilderness surrounding Moonfall Abbey. The lone survivor of the fire that consumed the orphanage of Illmater, she had apparently survived in the nearby forest by scavenging for fruits and nuts. The scars and bruises that covered her body when found have now begun to fade under the constant care of Serrka. Jeva had reluctantly explained that the markets were the “healing” works that Mistress Galaena had used on her to try and make her a better girl when she was bad. Jeva appeared both sad and grateful for the “kindness and sacrifice” Galaena went through to fix her.

While Jeva was instrumental in leading the adventurers to the monastery containing the missing Loudwater children, she ultimately betrayed the band during a critical point in combat – revealing her nature as a lycanthrope and changing into a werewolf. While Khael barely survived the encounter, the party had seen enough bloodshed in their time and stayed their hands from dealing her a final punishment. Feeling pity for the child and still seeing a spark of innocence in her tiny form, the heroes set a plan into motion to remove the affliction.

After inquiring with the local sage of Oleggarn about a potential cure for the curse, the heroes traveled deep into Southwood to visit the troll witch Eltab. She agreed to create an elixir to break the curse, but the final ingredient (a pinch of minotaur horn) was needed to complete the incantation. At the witch’s direction, the companions traveled to a darker stretch of forest and entered a labyrinth of tangled thorns to fight the minotaur Boke. After a short, but intense battle with the minotaur, the companions dispatched the beast and added bits of horn to the magic elixir. Jeva consumed the healing tonic and her curse was finally broken.

Jeva now travels with the companions and is deeply loyal to Hassan, Serrka, Khael and Anson who she considers her family. She has taken to worshipping Aerdrie Faenya (the deity of Serrka) and seems to be gradually becoming more little girl and less feral child.


Jeva Helbrester

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