Galaena Helbrester (Deceased)

Cousin of Hassan Helbrester and former cleric of Ilmater charged with running Moonfall Abbey.


Galaena Helbrester was second cousin to Hassan Helbrester and a devotee of the goddess Illmater. While she forsook the life of parties and protocol, her family continued to provide her and her passion – the care of the lost and sick children – with funding and helped erect Moonfall Abbey.

Two months earlier Moonfall Abbey and all its children were consumed in a massive conflagration. It wasn’t until Serrka, Hassan and Khael investigated the burned out hulk of the orphanage that they discovered a secret basement and what appeared to be the body of Galaena. While the body had succumbed to the heat and turned into a home for a swarm of virulent spiders, Serrka’s examination indicated that Galaena’s throat had been ripped out prior to death.


Galaena Helbrester (Deceased)

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