Ellarian Helbrester

Matron of House Helbrester and retired adventuring cleric of Torm.


Ellarian Helbrester is the influential wife of Hareth Helbrester and a cleric of Torm of no small skill. While she once traveled with the adventuring band known as the Starfall Seven, she has long since hung up her armor and weapons and in instead focuses her energies on shepherding the youth of house Helbrester through the perils of adolescence. She has given nephew, Hassan Helbrester, no small amount of grief over his various exploits with the band known as the Company of the Four Winds, but she will gladly lay her life down for her wayward scion should it appear to be the only route. The dedication was put to the ultimate test when Hassan was recently afflicted with lycanthrope and the cleric elected to be banished to the plane of Fury’s Heart, home of demonic wild animals and horrible beasts, while her nephew struggled to recover a cure on the Prime Material plane. With no guarantee of success, and the possibility of her soul being permanently snared in the planes evil heart should Hassan fail, Ellarian now lays catatonic in a bed at Oleggarn’s Rest. While she is being cared for by the cleric Damsin Rook and monitored by Donaree, her condition weakens with each passing day.


Ellarian Helbrester

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