Damsin Rook

Cleric of Tyr and new arrival to the walls of Oleggarn.


Damsin Rook is a traveling cleric of the god Tyr. While the companions know little of his personal background, the priest speaks of the region and its inhabitants with some degree of confidence. While he was initially deeply suspicious of the heroes’ actions (particularly as it related to the veracity of werewolf rumors that swirled around Jeva) the companion’s efforts to root out the identity of werewolf feeding on the two earned them the praise of the battle hardened cleric. Damsin has settled (at least temporarily) in Oleggarn and seems genuinely concerned with the welfare of its inhabitants. His perception of the companions has not been tarnished by the revelation that Hassan is afflicted by lycanthropy and he seems to express a quite sympathy for the warrior while he dutifully guards Ellarian.


Damsin Rook

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