Kingmaker: The Rise of Stormgaard

Stolen Lands (Episode 9) - Betrayl

Retracing their steps to the abandoned dwarf monastery, the companions delved once again into the dust coated halls

Were wolf

The ancient worshipers of Laduguer however did not leave their treasures unguarded. Khael discovered that even his catlike reflexes were not enough to prevail against the sinister and deadly traps of the former inhabitants. Twice the talented rogue found himself skewered by razor sharp statuaries, only to be crushed seconds later by a wall of stone guardians. With the combined healing talents of Anson and Serrka however, the team was able to press further into the silent sanctuary. After discovering a listening chamber and slaying its allip occupant, the companions managed to locate the private sleeping quarters of the monasteries former leader. The leader’s skeletal remains lay draped across a massive anvil in the heart of the room. As Anson approached to investigate the alter, its ancient guardian, a serpentine construct composed of Mithral, snapped to life and began to attack the party. With poison and fang the serpent viciously attacked the trespassers. Eventually, the construct was shattered and its form reduced to chunks of glittering Mithral.

A closer examination of the anvil revealed a pair of embroidered black and silver slippers and a single gauntlet composed of adamantium. While Khael collected the slippers, a magical examination of the gauntlet (beyond its basic magical radiation) proved fruitless. Invoking his deity’s mantra, Anson threw caution to the wind and slipped the ancient glove unto his hand. Immediately, shocking pain ripped through the halfling as the glove contracted into a clenched fist and turned into immovable black rock. After the pain of the change subsided, the halfling discovered he was physically stronger but unable to remove the glove or unclench his stony fist. Surprised by the sudden turn of events, the halfling shouldered his bow and decided to embrace the challenge of the new glove and make the best out of a bad situation.

Shortly after departing the high monk’s quarters, the heroes stumbled upon a band of kobolds. Unlike there predecessors, this band of seven made good use of tactics and managed to score several hits on the surprised companions. Khael, already suffering from the debilitating poison of the Mithral cobra, made an easier target to the creatures and was grievously wounded by their swords and spears. At the behest of a frightened Jeva, Khael retreated back around the corner to staunch his wounds.

However, Jeva had other plans and as the rogue watched the combat before him, the young girl transformed into a powerful werewolf, slashing and biting at the distracted and wounded rogue. Khael had only a momentary glimpse of fangs and teeth from behind before darkness consumed him.

Still battling against the kobolds, Serrka and Hassan managed to spot their fallen friend’s body disappearing around the corner, as if dragged by an unseen hand. Hassan rushed to confront their betrayer, and after attempting to get Jeva to retreat, waded into combat against the raging lycanthrope. Right by his side was Anson, who attempted to heal the dying rogue only to have Jeva attack the rogue the moment his eyes fluttered awake. Having slain the remaining kobolds with her flaming sphere, a stunned Serrka joined the fray and joined her comrades in driving back the werewolf. Eventually, through a combination of blade, fist and spell, the companions managed to drive the girl into unconsciousness. Vengeance for the betrayal, balanced against the age of the girl and the corruptive influences of lycanthropy stayed the hands of the companions. Unable to keep Jeva with them, but feeling the urgency of finding the missing children, the companions retreated to the high monk’s quarters once more and tied the unconscious werewolf to the alter with heavy chains. Their hope and plan was to return to her after the children were rescued and bring them all safely to the surface…


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