Kingmaker: The Rise of Stormgaard

Stolen Lands (Episode 5) - Seeds of Diplomacy

Departing Oleg’s rest, the band once more began an incremental survey of the northern reaches of Southwood

Not far into the forest, it became evident that one trapper had set numerous large bear traps about the region – some of them more vicious and deadly then others. Eventually the companions found the corpse of the trapper himself – the apparent victim of one of his own traps. Closer investigation however revealed that the trap was likely sprung by someone (something) while the trapper was setting the device. Unable to know who committed the act, the heroes continued their exploration.

During the third day, Hassan happened to notice a wooden nest high the eves of a tree. Unsure of what it was, the fighter took out his crossbow (a departing gift from Ellarian) and fired the weapon through the side of the structure. While leaves drifted down the forest floor, attacking the giant leaf ball seemed to have no immediate effect and eventually the companions moved on.

Hassan quickly learned however that his act of shooting the nest apparently had angered the local faerie community. Most nights (and even occasionally during the day) Hassan would discover gear, weapons and items missing or broken. The served as a source of frustration until Serrka was able to unravel the source of the mysterious pranks and began making strides to mend the group’s reputation with the local fairies through nightly offerings of coins, candy and shiny objects.

Worg 3e Her diplomacy bore fruit when the hidden faeries offered a critical warning to the druid about a nighttime attack by the worg Nightbane. It appeared that the mate to the plains worg slain by the companions in their early days of adventure had been tracking the party for some time and was prepared to attack them under the cover of darkness. The momentary warning about worg’s approach allowed Serrka the chance to rouse her companions and while they faced a tough battle against the beast, they were able to slay the creature without too much hardship.

The heroes also clashed with a pack of kobolds during their exploration. While the party restrained themselves against the reptilian creatures, Mimmek’s clarification that the band was in fact interlopers from another tribe (called the Bloodfangs), helped solidify the comrades decision to expunge the creatures. The snapping beasts proved little challenge for the heroes at this point and seemed a strong indication to the companions that it was time for them to test their metal against the greater threats of South Wood.


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