Kingmaker: The Rise of Stormgaard

Stolen Lands (Episode 1) - The First Step

Four brave adventures set forth from Loudwater, tasked with charting the northern expanse of Southwood and the Plains of Dolblunde

The party consisted of Serrka Aeravaul, an elven druid of the goddess Aerdrie Faenya, Hassan Helbrester, a noble playboy from the rich estates of Loudwater, Naraam, a human cleric of the god Anmauntor and a rugged dwarven scout named Oewyn. The group traveled west to Oleg’s rest, a small stop on the caravan road between Loudwater and Llorkh. To their surprise they discovered that the proprietor of the small trading post was waiting on guards to be dispatched from Loudwater to prevent the predation of bandits lurking in Southwood.

With no knowledge of a forthcoming guard unit from Loudwater and concern and frustration marking the weathered face of Oleg Leventon and his wife Svetlana, the party agreed to throw back the next bandit assault. Just as Oleg had predicted, the bandits arrived the next morning full of piss and vinegar; oblivious to the fact that the tables had turned and they were walking into a trap. While the companions original ambush plan evaporated with a nervous first shot from Serrka, the group managed to slay the intruders and capture a prisoner.

After an interrogating the surviving bandit, Oleg agreed to hold the ruffian captive until the guards arrived from Loudwater. The companions climbed aback their newly captured mounts and headed south across the plains in hopes of catching the bandit camp by surprise. Dogged by concerns that the missing thugs would raise alarm with the larger enemy force, they forsook formal chartering of the territory and focused on a hasty pursuit of the path leading south. As they traveled south however the path was not without its obstacles and the heroes were forced to fight their way through encounters with a pack of kobolds and a menacing plains spider.



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