Kingmaker: The Rise of Stormgaard

Stolen Lands (Episode 10) - Rescue in the Depths

With the missing children’s lives hanging in the balance, the companions pushed forward through the abandoned crypts

While battling sporadic bands of kobolds, the heroes also slew a lone hellhound and put to rest a coven of slavering dwarven ghouls. The companions appeared to meet their match though, in the form of a gelatinous cube that managed to paralyze and ingest both Hassan and Khael. Anson, without options and unwilling to die in a dust filled crypt, waded into melee combat against the towering ooze fighting until he succumbed to one of the creature’s paralytic punches. It was Serrka and her and endless barrage of arrows that eventually slew the acidic aberration. Freeing the two children (Kimi and Mikra) held up in adjoining room, the companions learned roughly where the remaining kids had fled to within the temple. After collecting Savram from his hiding spot in a skeleton filled ossuary, the companions turned back to the eastern side of the halls and the only natural tunnel they had passed.

Choked with smoke and strewn with rubble, the companions had previously heard the distant ringing of a hammer when they initially passed the entry way to the tunnel. The same ringing continued in the distance upon their return. Ordering the children to stay back and flee to the surface if they did not return, the companions walked bravely into the shadowy darkness, moving towards the glowing red light and clanging hammer in the distance.

As they rounded a corner, the small tunnel opened into a massive natural cavern, complete with a large open furnace, bellow and black obsidian alter. Atop the alter laid the unconscious form of Jurin, his body wrapped in chains. Before him, stood a figure wrapped in barbed chains with blood red eyes and a gleaming silver hammer. Seeing the imperiled child, Hassan rushed forward to confront the forge spurned atrocity. A sudden rush of air filled the chamber and from the mouth of the forge-spurned poured flaming ash that created a wall of blackness in the middle of the cavern and blinded the brave fighter. As Khael crept along the wall to get into flanking position and Anson rushed forward to get a clear shot with his with his spells, Serrka summoned from the bowels of the earth an elemental composed of rock, gems and soil. While the forge scorn worked to kill Hassan, the earth elemental slipped beneath the ground (bypassing the cloud of burning ash) and charged the evil outsider. Luck was on the side of the earth elemental, and with Serrka’s knowledge of summoning, and it landed several solid blows againist the evil creature. At the same time, Khael moved in and slashed at the creature with his curved blade, cutting a deep wound across its back. To the companion’s horror, the chains that littered the floor leapt back onto the forge-spurned and began to close the creature’s wounds. As the forge-spurned turned its attention to the elemental, Serrka channeled her druidic shifting powers for the first time and took the form of a wolverine. Charging across the chamber, she attacked the creature with claw and fang. While she dealt the monster grievous wounds, the forge-spurned’s barbs caused each attack to inflict damage back againist the transformed druid.

2 foundry of souls
The companions would not be thwarted though, and while they took several terrible hits and the forge-spurned even managed to crush Serrka’s elemental ally into dust, their noose of blades and spell was too much for the creature. Gathering the unconscious child from the alter, the heroes prepared to gather the remaining kids and Jeva and return to the surface…


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